List Mailer Advertising

What are List Mailers?

List Mailers are membership programs where each member agrees to get your email in exchange for you getting theirs. This way you can send your advertisements and offers out by email without having to worry about being reported for spam.

It is vitally important that you get your computer set up right for these lists. If you fail to set things up, you will be overwhelmed by thousands of emails and never get anything productive done. Please read this entire page before you join any list mailers!

Are All List Mailers created equal?

The statistic is, 95% of list mailers are totally ineffective, meaning they NEVER have a single response from their members EVER.

How do you find the 5% of list mailers that are responsive?

You can join a bunch of list mailers and test them over a period of time to see what the response is. This will take a lot of tracking and testing and record keeping.

Or, you can join the list mailers on TrafficHoopla.

BUT… Don’t join any list mailers until you read the rest of this page!

Using list mailers can be confusing if you don’t start out on the right track. It is important to get organized right from the start and stay organized or you will never make good use of these programs.

Read this list mailer information carefully and then read it again. Trying to rush through this will leave you very frustrated and gain you absolutely nothing. Taking one step at a time will leave you with a good set up that will last a lifetime.

Step 1. Do not become loyal to any one list mailer. If they leave the list atTrafficHoopla, you leave their list. Things change and owners change plans. The best performing list this week may not be worth your time next week. Keep your loyalty for your friends, family and football teams. This is business and nothing matters but results.

Step 2. Before you join any list mailers… consider your username. This is the name that will be presented to the recipient of your emails. You don’t want it to be john34853. That means nothing to the reader and they may not even open your email. Pick a username that will sound professional.

Step 3. Make arrangements for adequate email storage. Set up a separate email address to use for list mailers only. Gmail offers a large storage area. Plus, with gmail, you can have the emails go directly to your outlook express or other email client. This will leave your email inbox empty at gmail. (It’s a bad idea to use your main email address since most isp’s will consider this email spam and you will never get any of it.)

Step 4. Start with one list. Join the top list mailer and get to know what it is all about. Read everything they have to offer and make sure you know the rules. Don’t send anything out yet.

Step 5. All list mailers will offer you a way to purchase credits. If you are seeing real good results for your offer, this is an option you may decide to use. Do not purchase any credits from any list until you have seen definite sales that you can determine came from that list. Then don’t buy credits if you can produce enough free credits from your own efforts. Only buy credits if you know your sales will more than pay for them.

Step 6. After you join your first list mailer, save the link to it in your favorites or bookmarks. Create a separate folder in your favorites that is called list mailers. In that folder create two or more folders. Call one “daily” and the other “other”. If you want to create more than these two make one for “weekly”,  “Every 3 days”, etc. As you join the various list mailers, add the link to the appropriate folder. As you stop using lists, make sure you delete the link from your favorites.

Step 7. Set up your email for list mailers. Read this step here. Very Important! Don’t skip this step.

Step 8. Organizing your ads. Create a new folder on your desktop and call it List Mailer Ads. Open a notepad or wordpad file on your desktop. Write your ad in that file. Double check all your spelling and punctuation. Add any links that you are going to send with the ad. Double check that your links are valid. Save the ad in your new List Mailer folder. Now when you are using the same ad for several different lists or using it more than once, you will just copy and paste the ad into the appropriate form on the list mailer site. This will save you tons of time. Don’t skip this, or any, step.

Step 9. Send the same ad out to the same list several days in a row. It is a known fact that people need to see the same ad many times before most of them will take action. If you get little or no response after 6 or 7 tries, tweak your ad until you get one that works. Use that same, working, ad on all your lists. When sales start to dwindle, change your ad again.

Step 10. Only use the credit mailer in the list mailer programs. These emails will offer credits to those who read them. No one is likely to read email that has no benefit to them. The regular mailer in most cases will be a waste of your time. More information on Types of List Mailers.

Step 11. Not really a step, just an important note. Don’t join all the list mailers listed on TrafficHoopla right away. Start small and work your way up. When you can easily manage one or two lists, join a third list. When that is manageable, join another, etc. Joining list mailers is different from joining traffic exchanges. As soon as you join and confirm your membership on a list mailer, everyone in that list will start sending you email. Just because you aren’t using the list for mailings, does not mean you won’t get mailings. Take this slow and move on only when you are completely comfortable with your current mail load.

Keep in mind, you are going to get thousands of emails every day by using these lists. Take the time Right Now to set things up right and get organized. If you don’t, you will be buried in email and very frustrated.

List Mailers take some time and there is a learning curve. It is well worth your time and effort to use list mailers.


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