My wife, Pearl, is expecting any days now and we decided to do a little hiking to fasten up the process. Like all pregnant women have experienced, the last weeks are usually the one that never seem to go by. We live in Hveragerdi, a small green village in a hot spring area. In this video you can see some of the surroundings of Hveragerdi. It is still quite cold, as the winter is hardly over, and we are also waiting anxiously for the summer to come. So there is a lot of waiting to do these wonderful times. Anyway, It seem that we humans are always waiting for something to happen in our lives. Lets try to forget time and enjoy the moment.

The Hveragerði surroundings are a paradise for outdoors people. There are good hiking trails within the town that link up with a network of trails on the land belonging to the Agricultural University of Iceland at the foot of Reykjafjall Mountain and in Ölfusborgir. There are also hiking trails in the recreational area at the foot of and on Hamar Mountain. From the mountain there are excellent views of land and out to sea. There are interesting hiking trails within the town.





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