Before you can make a DREAM come true, you must first have one.


Good Monday, friends!

As I’m getting ready to head over to the airport to go home after EN event in Chicago (which by the way was AWESOME) – wanted to send you a quick email….

The event was absolutely incredible.

Been getting only a couple of hours of sleep while here, but it was worth it.

Was out from my room by 8am and coming back at 2am …

Met a LOT of BIMMERS, took probably 500 pictures, the energy was amazing.

Anyway – so guys, hear me out…

Starting tomorrow there will be new content loaded to BIM backoffice.

I know we had it planned for this to be done like 2 weeks ago, but due to the craziness of the launch, servers, databases, APIs, and stuff that I don’t even understand – we were not able to put up new content yet.

It’s coming right up!

I will contact you tomorrow morning about GetResponse, HTA, co-ops and 30day program.

Guys, I know I’ve been telling you this for a while, but I’m going to tell you again – GET READY.

Have faith.

YOU will be the richest team in EN.

Just have faith.

There are so many things going on in the background where you can’t see, but it’s the kind of stuff that will take BIM to levels you can’t even imagine.


There is a strategy behind all this “craziness”..

We’re going to make history.

We’re going to help YOU change your life.


Just have faith… believe… and trust me.

We’ll connect tomorrow!


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