What are the most romantic places in Iceland and what makes one place more romantic than the other? See my list of top 3 most romantic places in Iceland.

When Iceland is filled with stunning landscapes it may be hard to choose where to go for a romantic destination. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many couples choose to come to Iceland to get married. But which place to choose for a romantic weekend? Following is a list of my top 3 romantic locations in Iceland, all easily reached from Reykjavík.

Thorsmork valley

Þórsmörk is my top romantic destination. Obviously it’s the company that makes every location romantic but it helps to be surrounded by stunning views. Experiencing the midnight sun here is something that will stay with you forever.

This green valley is filled with beautiful rock formations, mountains, rivers and great hiking paths for every level. You can choose to sleep in Skagfjörðsskáli hutBásar hut  or you can bring your own tent and nestle in a small clearing. Thorsmork is known for having slightly better weather than its surroundings – but even if it rains, it just makes it cosy and romantic listening to the drops on the roof of your tent.

Þórsmörk’s beauty is mentioned in the story of Burnt Njal (Brennu-Njáls saga). Gunnar, a famous and strong Viking, had been outlawed. As he was riding out of Þórsmörk he looked back and said that the hill was so beautiful that he would not leave. And still today, when you go to Þórsmörk, you’ll never want to leave.

Snaefellsnes peninsula

Snæfellsjökull is the glacier that crowns the end of the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Surrounding it is a national park, filled with birdlife, hiking treks and small fishing villages. Between Arnarstapi and Hellnar is a beautiful and easy hiking trek (less than an hour) and a nice little café by the seaside in Hellnar.

In the small village Rif, you can find a café called Gamla Rif that serves one of the best seafood soups I’ve ever had. You’ll surely find it, just ask the locals.

But trekking up to the top of Snæfellsjökull glacier in the middle of the summer and standing on top of the glacier, looking towards Reykjavík on one side and over Breiðafjörður on the other in twilight of different shades of pink, orange, golden and purple is ideal for lovebirds. Even better if you remember to bring a bottle of hot chocolate and a blanket with you.

Reykjadalur valley

Reykjadalur is a valley just outside of Reykjavík. Through it runs a warm river. It’s warm all year round so you could possibly go there in the wintertime and sit in hot water whilst watching the Northern Lights. (Basically any hot tub/river/hot spring is the most romantic place on earth if you have the Northern Lights putting on a private dance above you!) Nevertheless, I’d rather recommend going there in the summer. It’s quite popular so chances are you won’t be there on your own. If you go mid-week and overnight you might be in luck.

My advice: Firstly book a table at Fjöruborðið (At the Seashore) for the best langoustine you will possibly ever have. They are busy for a reason, make sure you reserve a table. The restaurant is situated in Stokkseyri, a short drive from Hveragerði where the hike starts to Reykjadalur. Then you can hike up to Reykjadalur in the evening (don’t worry, it doesn’t get dark in summertime!), bring a tent, sleeping bags (that you can zip up together!), a bottle of wine and maybe even some chocolate. Try to find a suitable place to camp on the banks of the river. Then enjoy a glass of wine with your loved one whilst sitting in warm water underneath the midnight sun. Just remember not to make a mess and clean up any leftovers of food or drinks. The following day you can jog down to Hveragerði for breakfast.

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