How many masks do you wear?

No, I am not referring to hypocrisy,

although we could come close in this discussion,

but consider the faces you wear to get through your day.

Are you yourself, your true self all day long,

The truth is most of us wear different faces for different occasions! 

It’s one of the eternal struggles: who am I, how should I behave? 

We are different people in different situations.

It is as it should be.

Our true self is something precious and wonderful

and it does not belong to everyone.

We are cautious with some people,

mistrusting and therefore present a resistant face,

a position that allows us to wait, judge,

consider before we reveal more or even all of ourselves.

Remember falling in love, or making new friends,

you try out different bits of yourself with them,

testing, checking before committing your true self

to the relationship.

Who is the real you? 

Is the “you” people see really you? 

Who are you really? 

When we take a serious look at who we really are,

we may be troubled by what we see. 

Or…maybe we already know who we are

and do a good job of hiding it.  

So what about your faces? 

Think about it, do you have a “face” you wear at church

that is different than the “face” you wear at work or school? 

What face do you wear at the store

or around your family? 

Is it different? 

And finally, what face do you wear when no one is around?

How many faces do you have?

I have raised a lot of questions here,

without any answer.

But my intention never was to give answers,

as I am not preaching,

but rather to provoke your mind

to really get to know yourself.

Knowing ourselves is hard:

sharing our true self with others is a fraught business.

Think now,

how many people can you trust to be absolutely you,

in all your glorious contradictions and foolishnesses?

They are your true friends.

And you know what,

they are being true with you too.

It’s the only way true friendship and love can endure.

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