You life is what you make of it.
Do you know that?
Or have you searched the outer most reaches
For Your Success and Opportunity?
Why is it that some succeed

While others just barely get by?
The answer so simple and easy to see –

It is not their talent or ability,
It is because they try.
What the loser seeks is in others.
The winner look to themselves.

Make the most of yourself….

For that is all there is of you.

You are unique, so be yourself.
Within each of us lies greatness,
Happiness, Success, and wealth
Stop blaming and making excuses
And make a decision today,
Forget your mistakes, believe that you can,
And success will come your way.
But you have got to take charge
And control your own life

If you don’t, you will have to pay
With wasted talents and shattered dreams
That have died along the way.
You still have the time and the talent
To make all your dreams come true.
But you have to make a decision now
And do all that you can do.
Your life is what you make it.
Success or failure – it is up to you.

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Here are a few things I believe will help you succeed at being yourself:

1. Never say or think negative things about yourself.

2. Speak good things about yourself.

3. Never compare yourself with other people.

4. Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.

5. Find something you like to do that you do well, and do it over and over.

6. Have the courage to be different and deal with criticism.

7. Don’t let the way another person treats you determine your worth.

8. Keep your flaws in perspective.

Remember: When you learn to succeed at being yourself,

you’ll be well on your way to enjoying life more fully.



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