The Eruption Could Last For Ten Years!

The above photo is of the newly started eruption


“The eruption has been going on all day, incredibly. It has not been weeker and if anything it has been stronger in the afternoon,” says Armann Hoskuldsson volcanologist, but he is in the eruption area. He estimates that between three and four hundred cubic meters of lava flows out of the crack every second.

He says tough to predict a sequel but as the situation is in the evening then no eruption subsided since it began at four in the night. Ármann not prevent the eruption will last several days. “This is graceful. The lava has been much thicker the evening and was probably be about twenty feet in thickness. So lava burst edges now that we were going and then rushes lava completely out of the sand. Since we tested the most, ten meters per minute, it shoots out. “

“The eruption could last for ten years”

“This cycle could last for some nine months, but it might even last for ten years.” says Armann.


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