Our dear friend, Eduard van Hoorn, passed away peacefully last Tuesday.

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We used to sit and enjoy the sacrament together every Sunday. His last words to me were: “Bardur, please don’t forget me when you go to church.” That day, which was his last Sunday here on earth, I could not take him with me, as I was out of town. He was a very special man and I will for sure never forget him. He will always have a place in my heart. Bless you, until we meet again.


Brother Ed Van Hoorn with Elder Skyler

In his memory: Don’t Forget Me (one of my favourite songs)


“Don’t Forget Me”

In the wintertime
Keep your feet warm
But keep your clothes on and don’t forget me
Keep the memories
But keep your powder dry too

In the summer by the poolside
While the fireflies are all around you
I’ll miss you when I’m lonely
I’ll miss the sunshine too

Now don’t forget me
Please don’t forget me
Make is easy on me just for a little while
You know I think about you
I hope you’ll think about me too

When we’re older a little slower
It doesn’t matter now come on get happy
‘Cause nothing lasts forever
But I will always love you

Now don’t forget me
Please don’t forget me
Make is easy on me just for a little while
You know I think about you
I hope you’ll think about me too


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Iceland Never Seizes To Amaze Me!


Iceland says good morning beautiful people 🙂

(Click on the images to see them big)




After having seen many different world wonders in numerous countries and four different continents, I can still honestly say that Iceland is still my favourite country in the world to travel in.

That might sound strange to you – that my favourite place to travel in is my own home country.

But no matter how many times I visit the natural wonders of Iceland, they always look completely different then the last time I saw them. 

That´s why I think Iceland is the best place in the world to travel in, because it never seizes to amaze me.


Skype me: bardur.gunnarsson

Losing money online is NOT a good feeling!


Scammers aren’t non-English speakers with computers. They’re savvy manipulators who play off your emotions. That’s why even the stupidest scams will work on the right vulnerable person. I’m pretty good at recognizing scams. But I still have the same physiological response as everyone else when I see a too-good-to-be-true opportunity. You don’t have to be a moron to get sucked into that feeling. These online scams have been around forever—some, even before the Internet—yet thousands of people are still falling for them every day. Here’s what you need to know so you’re never conned again.

Most of us have lost money online in one business or another.. I remember the first online business I was shown. (My first online experience)  It didn’t take long before I realized that I was never going to see a cent back.  The biggest problem for myself at the time and people starting out is that it’s sometimes difficult to sift through all the businesses and know what company you can trust.

Losing money online is NOT a good feeling and something that I know I will never do again.  

You see, as you gain experience in this industry you start to identify what programs are highly risky and what ones make sense.  The KEY is to understand and identify what makes a business simply a ponzi/pyramid  scheme.  Pyramid schemes are  the fastest way to lose money online so learning how do we quickly identify them is crutial.  Although I am sure there are multiple definitions of this.. In my opinion, its the simple fact that earnings, and in turn withdrawals are paid out with new members’ deposits. When people stop joining, the deposits slow or stop. Withdrawals stop being paid due to lack of new income and inevitably the program collapses leaving everyone new to the program stuck without a chance of ever recovering their money. It all starts with the business claiming they are something that they are not with very little or NO external income. Simply collecting deposits from new “investors” and paying existing members with it. So how do we protect ourselves…? What do we look out for?

Step 1: Identify their product

Any business that we are involving ourselves in MUST have a real product. This is FUNDIMENTAL.

Not just some NEW online advertising product. Not the best NEW App that is going to revolutionize the world… Not the next social network that is going to be bigger than Facebook… Sure, who am I to say that they won’t exceed all expectations… Perhaps they will be the biggest thing since sliced bread but I think most people will agree you are being asked to “invest” in a concept that hasn’t yet`proven itself and that makes it very risky… While sometimes these concepts will offer a great opportunity, in most cases…. Its simply great marketing without real substance. I am sure many of you have seen all of this before.

Step 2: What are you paying for?

Many businesses will give you options when starting in the form of packages or starting levels.

When purchasing your package, you must determine the TRUE value of your purchase. There are many businesses that are completely legitimate that offer starting packages so it can sometimes be a blurred line between what represents value and what doesn’t. The Value of your purchase may come in the form of phisical goods, education or even opportunity ( affiliate franchise) but it must have value. Something that is worth the money you are spending. If your package or account funding is simply a cost of “getting in” and/or tiered so that the higher the deposit the higher percentage return. Be very wary of that.

Step 3: Method of payment

The method of payment can also be a strong indicator.

We want to be able to pay directly with your credit card.  A business that allows you to pay DIRECTLY with your card can indicate compliance with their business model. Often (not all) companies use payment processors to separate themselves from the purchase and in turn the legality, refunds etc associated with selling any “product” online. If you think about almost all online shopping, you can almost always pay directly using your Credit Card. It is no different when starting an online business. If they have a REAL product to sell then you should be able to use your card to purchase. This also offers better buyer protection.

Step 4: Where does the money come from?

I know that it is easy to get caught up in the hype.

The excitement of the potential earnings, but by simply taking a step back and asking where does the money come from. You will save yourself a lot of problems. No doubt the business will have a very believable answer to that question. So Further investigation into their income may be necessary. If they are in fact earning this money as they say they are.  From an external source. The question remains Why are they sharing it with you? And why do they give You a higher rate of return if you spend more money with them? Consider this when making your decision. (Where does the money come from?)

I have been involved with my fair share of online businesses and there is a lot of money to be made.

The important thing is that YOU choose the correct one! I don’t agree with the term: “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is” I have made an enormous amount of money in businesses that would fit that description. The opportunity is GREAT but I will repeat myself… You MUST choose the correct business.


Stable business Check list:

– Viable product

– Legitimate income source

– Money back guarantee

– Credit card facilities

– Physical addresses and phone number

When joining a business ask yourself, Is it CLEAR where this income is generated?

It’s one thing to receive affiliate commissions.  Being paid a commission for bringing extra business to the company is a completely legitimate income source.  Many large well known businesses do this. Creating an incentive to share their business with other people is a great way to grow.  It’s a viable way to expand, however, if you are promised an income  for doing very little or nothing at all , you should be asking HOW the passive income is achieved.  Without a viable external income source, take the time to think: How is this possible?

Find good stable businesses online, and you will succeed.

Compliant companies with real products and real income streams exist. They may take a little more time to grow your income, but this is far better than involving yourself in the empty promises out there. There are legitimate ways to earn an income from the internet. You just have to search them out.