In their groundbreaking research, prominent neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, M.D., working with Mark Robert Waldman, has discovered a valuable strategy called Compassionate Communication. In twelve clear steps it allows us to create a special bond with whomever we are speaking, a bond that aligns our brains to work together as one. In this unique state—free from conflict and distrust—we can communicate more effectively, listen more deeply, collaborate without effort, and succeed more quickly at any task. Using data collected from MBA students, couples in therapy, and caregivers, Newberg and Waldman have seen again and again that Compassionate Communication repositions a difficult conversation for a satisfying conclusion. Whether you are negotiating with your boss or your employees, arguing with your spouse, or coping with your kids, Compassionate Communication is a simple and unbeatable way to achieve a win-win dialogue to help you reach your goals.

3 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever!

The way you think about a problem determines your attitude or approach. Watch this video with Bryan Tracy to learn three words you can use to change your attitude and your approach to any difficulty you face.

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Wisdom starts with DOUBT!

Doubt asks question(s).

When we are really looking for the answer(s),

we get closer and closer to the truth!

Hence the questions are required to act wisely.

Knowledge and Wisdom are two different topics.

You may have all the knowledge in the world,

but if you don’t ACT according to what you know…

then the Wisdom is not present.

Strive for wisdom,

everyone – pursue it vividly.




Established in 2008, Chartfords pioneered a unique Rewards Program to incentivize Members to enjoy. Chartfords has combined three of most effective marketing trends:

Loyalty points

Cash back

Refer a friend. 

Members benefits from unparalleled financial rewards.

Artists benefits from global  exposure whilst receiving commissions from sales worldwide.

The company benefits from exponential growth and by expanding its membership.

It‘s win win for all.

There is no joining fee and membership is free for the first year, thereafter it is C$250 per annum provided you have received at least C$1000 in rewards. If you haven‘t , it is free until you have.

As soon as you join you can view the program and see exactly how it is working for each member, you can view all points, the program is completely transparent.

The video below will show you a unique opportunity where you can acquire collectable assets and receive a substantial residual income.


Watch The Official Chartfords Presentation Below!

How to join the Chartfords program:

(Please insert my membership name as the one who introduced you to the program => iceman)

(Please insert my membership name as the one who introduced you to the program => iceman)

If you need step by step guidance how to register and start your Chartfords-business, then follow the dog image below.

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You life is what you make of it.
Do you know that?
Or have you searched the outer most reaches
For Your Success and Opportunity?
Why is it that some succeed

While others just barely get by?
The answer so simple and easy to see –

It is not their talent or ability,
It is because they try.
What the loser seeks is in others.
The winner look to themselves.

Make the most of yourself….

For that is all there is of you.

You are unique, so be yourself.
Within each of us lies greatness,
Happiness, Success, and wealth
Stop blaming and making excuses
And make a decision today,
Forget your mistakes, believe that you can,
And success will come your way.
But you have got to take charge
And control your own life

If you don’t, you will have to pay
With wasted talents and shattered dreams
That have died along the way.
You still have the time and the talent
To make all your dreams come true.
But you have to make a decision now
And do all that you can do.
Your life is what you make it.
Success or failure – it is up to you.

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Here are a few things I believe will help you succeed at being yourself:

1. Never say or think negative things about yourself.

2. Speak good things about yourself.

3. Never compare yourself with other people.

4. Focus on your potential instead of your limitations.

5. Find something you like to do that you do well, and do it over and over.

6. Have the courage to be different and deal with criticism.

7. Don’t let the way another person treats you determine your worth.

8. Keep your flaws in perspective.

Remember: When you learn to succeed at being yourself,

you’ll be well on your way to enjoying life more fully.



You Might Been Doing It All Wrong!

See If You Are!

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A good online marketing friend sent this to me recently, and I
honestly dragged my feet taking a look at it…

…but after a bit of coaxing from my friend, I thought what would
it hurt. In fact, he said I would be blown away and I thought, yah
right, I’ve heard that before.

Well, he was right!

This guy who was sick and tired of seeing so many people fail online,
created a list building system that literally can help anyone build
a “GURU” sized list, regardless of what level of experience one may have.

It is flat out CRAZY!

Take a look for yourself…

 Some online experts are calling it,

“the most unique and effective
list building system they have ever seen.”


Some people think they are better or above than other people. They think there’s something about them that sets them above other people. They think they are smarter, deeper, different breed lol! or that they have more evolved beliefs and priorities than others. Reasons some people may come to think they’re above other people.

1.) Ego protection

2.) Insecure

3.) Lack of perspective

4.) The relativity of being “better”

than someone mentally.

This kind of people isn’t hard to figure out. Word of advice, Give people a chance, stop assuming, being judgemental and don’t get too high on yourself. If you give people the benefit of the doubt, you’ll often find that many people are much more layered, interesting and way way better than you might have thought. Be a broad minded.

You’ll be amazed at what you’re about to see

4 Types of Income
14 Ways to Get Paid
Multiple Bonus Programs
Simple, Quick, Easy Way to Extra Income
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Payouts
Never Wait for a Check
Earnings Posted to Your Smart Card

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Do You Deserve To Be Fired?

Quite a shocking question, isn’t it?

When you consider this issue,

you might get close to know why your business

is not getting the attention it deserves,

if that is the case!

Maybe you deserve to be fired,

as you have not been able to stay fired up!

At least, you might have to

give yourself a good kick on the backside!

Hard To Swallow?

Often we need to face the facts

to be able to get on the right track,

and actually do the things needed to do, 

to succeed and get some good results.

You see, it does not happen automatically.

When you started your online business,

you hired yourself for the job and now you

are indebted to yourself to make things happen!

Giving up has never been considered

a good option in life.

To begin with, you have to “establish integrity”.

This is very important as you need to be true,

and complete the task as you

learn from your MENTOR,

who ever that might be.

This also includes being honest

and doing the right thing in a given situation.

You also need to have the initiative to do the job.

It is also essential to be reliable

and consistent with your work.

In trying to do the job,

what you do today should be

the same performance level on

every day of the week

to succeed in days of work.

The client needs to trust you,

that you are able to sponsor 

completely and efficiently.

You also need to be timely in your business.

You need to finish the job

on the expected time frame.

Prolonging the task will make clients lose

confidence and interest  in you.

Now, watch below from Mike Prosperity Videos.

He knows how to give it to you straight!

Let me ask you again!

Who is your MENTOR?

Is he or she teaching you the right thing?

Could that be the reason for your failure?

To succeed you need to have a Good Mentor!

Do What You Need To Do And Let The Money Come Flying Into Your Door!

The First Thing You Need To Do To Make That Happen!!!???

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